Saturday, June 30, 2018

A letter from Our Lady of the Silver Moon

My good friend and compatriot, Huron, Forester of The Mistwoods;

 I hope this letter has found you in good health and good standings. My messenger was more than a little reluctant to begin questing your forested homelands in search of you, but I promised him gems, jewellery, and not but a few sale of indulgences. He has agreed to assist you under any reasonable terms or conditions you set, and I have found him a quite valuable and hard working slave.

I know it has been several years since we journeyed together, but a dark season is upon us and I need your special skills and your bow and Elvish blades maybe now more than ever.

Our Patriarch, Archbishop Varrne, has come up missing. Rumours swirl about the Abbey - everything from the Shadow of Mephistopheles is stalking our grounds to a plot enacted by our rival sect, The Congregation of the Blue Nighthawk. This is the stuff of nonsense, as I have acquired the Archbishop's Journal, in which several rational clues rise to the surface. For one, his devotion to Our Lady of Silver is not in question, in fact it is fanatic. Secondly, He speaks of an old tradition of our mysteries, one that fell out of fashion many winters ago; That of the Maiden's Kiss. This, I fear, could bring the stain of bloodshed upon our Faith.

The Maiden's Kiss is an eclectic ceremony that is supposed to draw down the Goddess or one of her Handmaidens; the text is obscure. With the seal of a divine kiss, the priest conducting the ritual is supposed to gain supernatural power that make him more beast than man. Huron, I fear the Archbishop has taken several acolytes into the mountains not only to perform this ritual, but to do so at the fabled Tower of the Beast.

I beg of you to find Archbishop Varrne and stop this ancient rite from being performed. Your tracking skills are second to none by my measure and if need be, none are as skilled in drawing blood as are your blades. Should he receive the Maiden's Kiss, he shall be excommunicated from our faith, providing my influence is enough to persuade the elders, and should such be the case, you must slay what he will have become or innocent blood will wash the lands.

I thank you in advance and pray for your success.

Talona, Curate of Our Lady of the Silver Moon, Talismonde

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