Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Arduin, Bloody Arduin ...

This blog, much like my Traveller Blog - Tales of the Wizard Nebula, is a sort of thinking out loud project I am conducting to get an Arduin Campaign rolling. This is a particularly daunting task, as Arduin setting information is scarce, inconsistent, or just plain unavailable. I shall, however, flex some creative muscles to get a great campaign going.

Google Fu has reviled a few Arduin Maps, none of which have any consistency and a few I think were homebrew by other than David Hargrave. That's okay, I'll just make an amalgamation of a few of these and viola ... a campaign map is born!

 I tried to combine the most recognizable locations within closeness to one another, but in some cases this was just a guessing game. For the purposes of my Homebrew Arduin, this shall suffice.


  1. Cool stuff. Do you have plans for session reports?

    1. As it is with my other RPG blogs,so it is my intention here.

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