Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Great Ruins of Arduin

In the distant past, when ancient records of the land were lost in a terrible cataclysm, the capital of Arduin met a similar fate. The fallen cities about and around The Lake of Mist or The Misty Sea, depending on which sage you speak with, are collectively called The Great Ruins. Expeditions to the Ruins have rarely been met with success, as these lost civilizations boast a new populous of beast men and monsters. Unnatural thick heavy fogs from the Lake of Mists hang about the broken towers of these Ruins, making even those with gifted sight half blind, Yet Adventurers come to test their mettle and hope to find wealth and glory in this graveyard of Millennia past.

Individual sites are known and include:

  • Old Talismonde – Still beautiful in it’s crumbling decay, great riches are said to be gleaned from it’s mouldering bones, but at a high price … danger is everywhere due to an unregulated and still functioning Nexus.
  • Dragon Keep – Rumored to be the nest of a Clan of Dragons …
  • Wizardwood – An extremely dangerous place overrun by wights, ghouls, and ghosts.
  • House of the Mist Rose – Still a bit of a mystery, but Adventuring Companies active in The Ruins claim it as a safehave.
  • Khurahaen – Second only to Talismonde in its withering architectural splendor, it is said that the underground complexes below the ruined city are as breathtakingly beautiful as the corpse of the city above. It is also said daemons run amuck here.
  • Misthaven – Smaller than the above ruins, this decaying suburb of Khurahaen has fallen to Uruk Hai.
  • Spyder Isle – It is this sage’s opinion that even the mightiest among you need not trifle with the telepathic sorcerers of an arachnid origin. Just don’t.
  • Fort Solstice – Once a grand fortress that apparently could call upon many knights and cavaliers to defend the capital city-states, if the moldering tapestries uncovered in this ruin are interpreted correctly. A small Clan of Dwarves, The Clan Barazinbar to be precise, have taken up these ruins as their territory and generally despise Adventurers.
  • Rumbletown - Run by Deodanth Mercenaries, known as the Bloody Seven, these ruins serve as a gladiatorial/hunting grounds. The Mercenaries offer great rewards for those warriors who can survive the trials of the 'games.'

There have been several reports of a wandering threat throughout the Great Ruin, one that is of keen interest to the Techno League. A great robotic Sentinel patrols the ruins for some unknown power, destroying all sentient life in it’s path. The construct is known to fly and levitate when the need for such arises and its eyes harbor death in the form of some powerful energy. Its armor is no less than Adamantium, for few weapons have scratched it’s silvery form. It is silent and relentless in it’s mission to destroy – you’ve been warned young Adventurers.

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