Saturday, December 22, 2018

Meanderings and Musings ...

The project I mentioned  few days ago is based heavily on the Swords & Wizardry Continual Light format, but in order to give it more the 'Arduin' feel, I am expanding it a bit. It ought to be somewhere between SW: Whitebox and SWCL in scope.

I don't know if it'll be to anyone else's taste, but it fits mine. If you've read any of my previous posts, it's obvious that The Ruins of Arduin is not exactly Dave Hargrave's Arduin. I am also adding a few house rules of my own for a more personalized feel, which aren't particularly world shattering, but might set off purists.

Here's an example. Take the Elf:

Elf - Classes: Fighting Man, Magic-User, Thief Bonuses: +1 to Hide in Shadows, Pass Without Trace, Detect Secret/Hidden Doors, Hear Noises & Move Silently. +1 to-hit vs. goblins, orcs, and undead. Immune to Paralysis, Sleep, and Disease. +2 save vs. magic.  Elf ‘Magic-Users’ use their own Spell List. As immortal beings, Elves may not be Raised from the Dead.

Not particularly revolutionary, but this description fits my particular view of what Elves should always have been. The other races, including Humans, are treated similarly.

One decision I made that isn't particularly 'Hargravian' is the omission of Deodanths as player characters. Much like the Drow in other settings, I think they make way better monsters than characters. Of course, if YOU want PC Deodanths, you could always DIY ... I wouldn't mind a bit - it's your game.

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