Sunday, January 6, 2019

Swords & Wizardry: Ruins of Arduin Update

Work continues on this personal project at a steady pace. The pdf will be sectioned into three parts, which I initially thought would be 3 pdfs - but I changed my mind. Those three parts are titled as Part One: Characters & Combat, Part Two: Magic Spells, and Part Three: Dungeons, Monsters, & Treasure. Not too differently than S&WCL. Parts One and Two are complete as of this post.

I think this is going to play out as a very different flavor of Swords & Wizardry than you might be used to, even though the basic mechanics of the game are relatively unchanged. I have pulled from various S&W incarnations as well as various Arduin materials and I worry that, even though some of which is used without permission, that all such pieces are properly credited. I am not so much writing this as much as I am compiling and converting it.

Again, the finished project will be available for download at no cost or profit to myself.

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